Kona, Hawaii Adventures

Our summer ended with a fantastic trip to the Big Island of Hawaii!  We had a great time in Kona swimming, reading, hiking, eating (especially kalua pork and shaved ice), snorkeling, volcano watching, stargazing, spending time with our friends at Cornerstone, and relaxing in general.  Here are some of the best pics (of the 300 we took):






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  • Johnny Laird

    Mahalo for sharing the wonderful pics, Eric



  • mike

    this much i know..if you guys go out exploring any caves and find a cool little tiki thing and you’re thinking it would make a cool necklace, don’t even touch, just leave it alone. trust me on this one.

    what a beautiful family! later bro

  • Kone Meadows

    My first name is Kone, and it is Hawaiian. It means big wind. When I found out the meaning from a Hawaiian, I was very disappointed in its meaning, lol. I pronounce my name Connie

  • Tracy Kanahele

    Aloha! My name is Kuulei and I am developing Hawaiian Studies curriculum for use in public schools in Hawaii. I am especially interested in volcanism and was wondering if I could use your picture with the waterspouts at the ocean-entry in my PowerPoint presentation that I am developing for my curriculum. With permission I will use your picture and cite your name as the photographer.

    Mahalo, Tracy Kanahele

  • Eric Bryant

    Wow! Thanks for the request, Tracy. Feel free to use the picture!

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