Influence in Unlikely Places: The Real Reason McCain Chose Palin

For my source of news, I often turn to Stephen Colbert.  Watching a recent rerun I had missed, I heard the most amazing story as summarized in this article at

“According to both the Aug. 29 Anchorage Daily News and the June 13 Colorado Springs Gazette, Sarah Palin became John McCain’s vice presidential candidate largely through the machinations of… a 21-year-old college senior* majoring in political science at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Adam Brickley, a political buff who will graduate in May, started a “Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President” blog last year and has relentlessly promoted the idea ever since.”

In our blogging, emailing, youtubing world, maybe we have more influence than we thought!  So I guess in the wise words from the movie Spiderman, we should all remember that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

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  • mike

    if mccain and palin get into office that’d be cool if they comp’d him a visit to the white house!

  • aaron

    Eric, hows the book stuff going?

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