Ohio State vs. USC Football Game

With Ohio State playing at USC tomorrow, we have a battle between two schools that have been at the top of the college football world.

Here are the battles from the last few years for the #1 ranking in the Bowl Championship Series:

In 2002, Ohio State beat Miami in the Fiesta Bowl.

In 2003, LSU beat Oklahoma, and USC beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl and was named champion by the AP.

In 2004,  USC beat Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl.

In 2005, USC lost to Texas in the Rose Bowl.

In 2006, Ohio State lost to Florida.

In 2007, Ohio State lost to LSU.

Here’s hoping for a great game tomorrow night!

See if you can guess who we are rooting for from the hat Caleb is wearing.  (By the way, Caleb bought this hat as his souvenir from our time in Hawaii in 2007).


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  • mark stegall

    it’s gonna be a great game…i can’t wait!

  • mark stegall

    p.s it was a horrible game…from a midwest point of view!

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