Happiness in a Falling Economy

My wonderful wife, Debbie, wrote such a great post about enjoying life when you don’t have all you wish you had.


Her honest thoughts on our smaller house in the middle of L.A. County seem even more prophetic in light of our current economic struggles as a nation.

Debbie writes:

“I love watching HGTV, but I also hate it.  You know, the shows about designing your house to sell, or making the most of your oh so very ‘small space’ or highlighting ‘this old house.’  It’s fun for a while to get good ideas, or celebrate with strangers while they get their ‘dream house’ (by the way, the other day, I shockingly saw an old work friend of mine featured on one of the shows….Hey Clara!!!!)  But after a while, I inevitably find myself feeling discontented or maybe cheated, in some way.  Such feelings are difficult to avoid when the show host comments on how ridiculously small an 1800 sq./ft house is!!!  Or how incredibly inconceivable it is to have a bathroom that hasn’t been updated in the past 10 years….or the absurdity of not having a walk in closet.

You see, we are proud owners of this “old house” (built in 1927).  Our space has 970 square feet, 2 bedrooms and 1 (count them ONE) bathroom—which has not been updated since the past SEVERAL decades, I’m certain!!!!!  Do I need to mention the lack of a walk in closet?  Our “master closet” is better labled a “coat closet”.  And here’s the clencher……we paid just as much for it as these television featured “small homes” of 1800 or more sq.ft!!!!!

For years I’ve tried any way possible to move up in the space category.  Searching frantically for that third bedroom or second bathroom.  Saying that I’m grateful for what I have, but feeling I deserve more somewhere within.  Oh, I’d never admit it (to you, yes…to myself, no), but it was the truth.  And then in swept the feelings of guilt.  Deep down, I knew I didn’t even deserve what I HAVE considering the state of the world/poverty/even the state of my own soul.

I’ve been rethinking a lot of things.  For one….what is truly ABSURD is not in having a small, old house….but in believing the propoganda that I need or deserve more.  I’ve looked at it from, I believe every angle, and truth is…..I don’t need or deserve more space.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t graciously accept a small mansion!!!!  Ooooops, I digress.   I’ve been missing out on the enjoyment of what I have by constantly wanting more.”

Read the entire post here.

For a glimpse at one of the most creative and beautiful myspace pages, go to Debbie’s page here (includes a really great song by Ingrid Michaelson).

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  • Joe Miller

    living as a church planter and flirting with bankruptcy gives a whole new perspective on finances and satisfaction too 🙂

  • Shaula

    What a great reminder to be thankful for what we have.

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