The “Wide Awake” Series


Our much-anticipated “Wide Awake” series begins this weekend at Mosaic in 8 gatherings in 6 locations all across Southern California.  If you are anywhere near us, come check out the gatherings or book clubs.

If you aren’t anywhere near us, you can still experience the series through our podcasts, the online discussion group, and even starting your own book clubs.

Here are more details:

What would happen if all of us discovered our God-given dreams? To live our lives in such a way that everything we did – every choice, every act – was used to fulfill those dreams. If all of us began to live “wide awake,” the world would never be the same.

To help you start a book club in your area, check out these great resources below!

Online Discussion (check out this fantastic online community)

Book Club Materials (follow the links to the “Wide Awake” discussion guide)

The “Wide Awake” short films (great for your book clubs or small groups)

Don’t forget the Film Festival too!

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