Update on Peppermint-Filled Pinatas



Thanks to all of you who have been spreading the word about Peppermint-Filled Pinatas!

I have received lots of great feedback from people who have decided to reach out, love, and serve people with whom they differ, disagree, and even dislike. My goal for this book is to help people who follow Jesus to love those who don’t. In the end, so many people from such diverse backgrounds can be encouraged, helped, and even transformed when the church doesn’t look for what we can get from Jesus but what we can give to others.

Here are some updates and another edition of “PFP Around the Web”:

1. Amazon
I am not exactly sure what happened, but PFP jumped way up the rankings at Amazon. Last time I checked (a week or so ago), it was ranked #350,000. Yesterday, it was ranked #37,000. It could be some churches ordered a bunch for their small groups or some of the venues where I will be speaking ordered several copies.

If you were thinking about purchasing a copy of PFP for your pastor, your small group, or your friends, let me encourage you to do so through Amazon

2. Shelfari reviews of PFP (feel free to add your review at Shelfari or Amazon)

3. Shawn’s thoughts on a possible church plant

4. Alaina in Philadelphia wrote about Blueberry Pies and Celebrating Life

5. Amy Ellison’s honest post about her struggle with staying in the city or moving to the suburbs

6. Kevin Bussey’s review of PFP

7. One of my stand up comedy sets ended up somehow on www.greatvdo.com

Alright, that seems like enough promo for now. Thanks for spreading the word!

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    dude that was a great set….

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