Another Softball Injury

Well, I rolled my ankle last night trying to avoid colliding with the left center fielder.  This is the second time in just a few months that I got injured playing softball.

The first time happened this summer when I ran into a giant first baseman and looked like “a doll hitting a brick wall” as a bounced backwards to the ground. Then last night, we had a good game and even went on to win, but my ankle is quite swollen and seems to be getting worse as I have been flying to the men’s retreat where I am speaking this weekend. I guess no kickball for me this weekend. 🙁

As Debbie was berating me about the need to be more careful and even nagging me about wearing a helmet (a ridiculous and embarrassing idea), it dawned on me the reason behind these two freak injuries. My wife and kids were watching me both times I got hurt! I am trying to impress them with my aggressive and even reckless play.

I mentioned this romantic idea to Debbie. Her response: “I would be more impressed if you didn’t get hurt so often.”

Now my ego hurts. 🙂

At least we won the game!

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  • debbie

    You don’t need to impress me!! I’ve already been helplessly impressed. Now, I’d like you to be safe! Hope your ankle feels better.

  • Jordyne

    wow, this made me laugh. I can only imagine someone running the bases with a helmet! gotta love it

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