Nineveh Needs Prayers


This morning I received an email from a friend in Egypt which included an urgent prayer request for the Christians in Mosul, Iraq (formerly known as Nineveh).  Apparently, rather than having to endure the regular intense persecution they have been receiving from Muslim extremists (kidnappings, beatings, bribery, etc.), over the past 4 to 5 days, 25 Christians have been killed (some suggest up to 40).  Some are fasting for the next 3 days (as the people did in the book of Jonah) and praying that the killings would stop.  Many Christians have fled to neighboring villages and some have had to resort to sleeping in their cars.  Let others know the need to pray for those in Nineveh needing our prayers as well as for the U.S. troops serving in that region as well.

Update:  CNN posted a story on the situation in Mosul

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