Wide Awake: Adapt

The book “Wide Awake” and the series at Mosaic have been so inspiring!

I spoke at the 11:15am gathering in Pasadena yesterday on “Adapt.” Here were some of the thoughts I shared:

Week One: Dream = imagine a future worth pursuing, discover a dream that would make the world a better place

Week Two: Explore = continually learn and remain curious

Week Three: Adapt = overcome the challenges in the way of accomplishing your dream

Revelation 3:1-6 (paraphrase)

“Wake up! Stop just doing the same things you have always done and change how you think and how you live!”

When faced with a challenge, we can either adopt (quit), abdicate (become bitter), or adapt (overcome).

“We cannot choose the context of our lives, but we can choose the content.” – Erwin

Adapting requires taking personal responsibility and having the humility to ask for help.

To change the current trajectory of our lives, we need to be be willing to do things we had previously seen as beneath us or beyond us.

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