Our Historic Future

I am so grateful to be an American!

No matter how you voted yesterday, you cannot help but be grateful after listening to John McCain and Barack Obama last night  (see Alex McManus’ post on this). Both gave such great speeches about uniting to move forward.

I spent the evening with students at Golden Gate and Rafael Lopez, an old friend from LA who has moved up to San Francisco for school.  All of us couldn’t help but feel gratitude for the way we have a say in our future and the way we are able to transfer power with such civility and unity.

At In-N-Out with Rafael Lopez

At In-N-Out with Rafael Lopez

I voted in Los Angeles county and noticed ballots in 4 languages in my neighborhood (Tagalog for those from the Philippines, Mandarin for those from China, Spanish, and English).  Notice, Rafael’s “I Voted” sticker from San Francisco below:

"I Voted" American Style

Our diversity is what helps makes us so great!

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