Tony Morgan Live!

Tony Morgan interviewed me recently.  Tony is a pastor and the Chief Strategic Officer at NewSpring Church where he develops creative solutions for communications, technology and NewSpring Ministries.

Here’s a sample:

“TONY: Do you have a recent God-story from Mosaic that you’d like to share?

ERIC: A new friend of mine at Loyola Marymount University really began exploring the possibility of a personal relationship with God.  At first, she was too afraid to change what she was doing to follow Jesus.  She felt it was just easier to keep doing what she was doing with her life even though she was miserable.  After several months of conversations, she decided to make a dramatic change and chose to follow Christ.  She has already changed so dramatically!  I love how our community allowed her to belong for so long well before she finally believed!”

For the rest of the interview, go here.

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