In-N-Out: A Lesson Learned

After a couple of cold, rainy, and busy days with old friends and new friends in Portland, OR and St. Paul, MN, it was great to get back to Los Angeles. Debbie picked me up from the airport, and we enjoyed a delicious burger from the best restaurant on the planet: In-N-Out.

Debbie is on this incredibly strict and ridiculous diet: she only eats when she is hungry and stops when she is full. Isn’t that crazy?!? I don’t know why she doesn’t cut out all carbs or eat only meats or avoid all meats like the rest of us.

Anyway, she had her burger cut in half expecting to take the rest home. While we were eating, a homeless man walked past us and reached into the trash can and pulled out a half-eaten burger and gulfed it down. Immediately, two thoughts came to my mind:

1. Why would anyone ever throw away even one bite of an In-N-Out burger?
2. If you have to eat out of the garbage, In-N-Out is the best place to do it.  I am telling you, these burgers are delicious!

Debbie’s first thought: I have to give this man the other half of my burger. (I wish I had godly thoughts like my wife).

She felt good not eating too much, but she felt even better helping a guy who needed help.

After eating my meal, I noticed she had half her fries left and half of the half burger, so I ate up the rest of her food.  I hate when Debbie goes on this crazy diet because somehow I always gain weight as she loses it!

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  • Craig

    Maybe you could resort to your sunflower-seeds-only diet from Junior High! Oh wait, you’re not trying to save up for a car! 🙂

    Big UP’s to Debbie!

  • Roger

    Must be tough suffering for Jesus, eating at In-N-Out whenever you please!!
    Trade some really good sweet tea for a Double-Double and a shake!!!

    Jealous is SC…

  • Jason

    Having In-N-Out and blessing others is awesome. I feel really blessed just to have one of their Cheeseburger and Fries. Hmmmm….Thank you Jesus!

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