Some friends of ours (Chris and Karen Crossan) had to evacuate from their apartment at 1am on Saturday morning. So far their apartment hasn’t been harmed, but the apartment complex next door was damaged. The mobile home park across the freeway from them was completely destroyed.

Yesterday afternoon the air was thick with the smell of smoke even from our house in the middle of LA county, miles from the fires to our northwest and southeast. The sky was fire red as the sun set.

Appreciate your prayers for those affected and for the firefighters protecting us.

For more on the devastation, read here.

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  • Tracey Smith

    Hi Eric! We were wondering how close you guys were to the fire! Thanks for updating us on your blog! I am praying for your friends! Keep us posted!

  • David Adams

    Please pray Rich who lost everything in the fire. He barely got out in time with only his wallet and keys. He is very lucky. I supervise Rich at work and he is really seeking God right now. He went to church for the first time in a long time the week before . HE said God really spoke to him during the message and it was “Survive the fire of life!” and dealing with fears. Amazingly, this was the week before the fires. He knows this was God speaking to him. I told him that God has a plan for him, and he is really open to the message of Christ right now, especially as he has hit bottom. Please pray!

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