“The Fine Line”

Living in Seattle and Los Angeles these past 15 years has helped me grapple with the idea of living “set apart” from the world in my behavior yet “sent out” in my relationships.

Too often Christians do the opposite: set apart in our relationships to hide from the world while living just as the world does behind closed doors.

Rather than hiding or conforming, according to Kary Oberbrunner in his new book The Fine Line: Re-Envisioning the Gap between Christ and Culture, we should become transformists.

From the back cover:

“…the church has been ripped apart and reassembled into two main camps that, at best, casually tolerate each other.

The first camp separates itself from people, society, and culture for the main purpose of remaining unstained by the world. While the second camp conforms itself to the ideals, philosophies, and goals of the world in an attempt to be all things to all people.

So what’s the alternative? A growing number of people believe in a different way and a different world. They are transformists. And they have the power to change the world.

Care to join them?”

To get a free glimpse of what is inside Kary’s book, go here.

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