Obama’s Blackberry Addiction

Apparently, 35% of those asked said they would choose a PDA or Blackberry over their spouses.

As someone with my very own “crackberry,” I understand that blackberries are incredibly convenient with constant access to the internet and emails, but choosing a blackberry over your spouse?!? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!

Now, if you ask me if I would choose my kids over my blackberry, that is a tougher choice. 🙂

Would I choose my blackberry over my puppy? Absolutely no doubt about it!

Apparently, President-elect Obama will have to go through blackberry withdrawals. As “President of the United States in January, there are strict email laws and traditions that will all but bar Obama’s favorite gadget from the Oval Office.”

We should all add overcoming blackberry addiction to our prayers for our future President in addition to protection, wisdom about the economy, the war in Iraq, national security, and the other issues we are facing!

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