A New Community is Forming…

Connect with a network of practitioners, catalysts, misfits, pastors, theologians, and entrepreneurs who are committed to a high view of the Scriptures who have a high level of urgency for innovative evangelism.

Go to The Origins Project website for more details and to sign up.

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  • david

    heard about this already through McKnight… but see the need for it and encouraged that you guys are behind it.

  • Henry Zonio

    I am really excited to see how this shapes up. I am curious as to how you all are addressing how the ethos and theology behind this movement translates itself down into instilling this within families and children and how a more holistic view of church as family fits in. I’m not necessarily advocating all generations together… I value age-appropriate worship settings. I just see the spiritual formation of children and families get left as an afterthought among the theological and philosophical discussions like these.

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