College Football Playoffs: The Solution

With input from the President-elect, the high number of one-loss teams, and in light of a 3 way tie in the Big Twelve South which left out Texas, a team that beat both OU and Missouri the two teams playing for the Big 12 championship: I have solved the BCS/college football debacle.  Thanks to my uncle Howard, one of the broadcasters for the USC vs. Notre Dame game, and the students in my class at Golden Gate on Tuesday, here is the solution:

Round One:  Conference Championships

The PAC 10 and Big 10 need to add teams to get to 12 so they can have a championship game.  I have a West Coast bias, but I realize it is time.  The two new PAC 10 teams could be Boise State, Utah, Fresno State, or perhaps even Hawaii.  The Big 10 already has 11 teams, and now is the time for Notre Dame to realize they don’t deserve a special relationship with the BCS or NBC.  They would be fortunate to be invited into the new Big 10.

Round Two:  Bowl Games

I love the bowl games since they give so many teams a chance to play in the postseason.  So many teams have no shot at the national championship, and just getting to 6 wins is a great accomplishment.  We could even go back to the old partnerships if we wanted to do so (Rose Bowl puts PAC 10 champion against the Big 10 champion, etc.) and play the games around Christmas and up to New Year’s day.

Round Three:  BCS Semi-Finals

After the regular season (perhaps shortened to 10 or 11 games) and the first two rounds of the playoffs, now for the first time, the computers and polls come into play to determine the top four teams.  We could even use the same schematic they are using now, but the debate becomes determining which undefeated and one-defeated teams (a fewer number after the first two rounds) belong in the top 4.  Once the BCS makes this determination, #1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3.

Round Four:  BCS Championship Game

The two winners from the semi-finals match up to meet for a true championship game!

Let President-elect Obama know I might be willing to serve on his cabinet as the National Sports Advisor as long as I can keep my office here in Los Angeles at Mosaic.

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  • Chris

    Interesting solution. I always thought the bowl games are what was keeping the system from changing (it’s all about the money). But keeping the bowl games and also having a playoff/championship could be a win-win for everyone.

    However, the issue will be if they will give up BCS authority in the first two rounds, and if we will still have problems determining the top four teams?

    We will see. Something has to change.

  • DC Curry

    Love it man!


  • T Black

    I propose a better solution.
    This was originally written on June 18, 2007. The Division I college football play-off solution. This is a simple plan to hopefully solve the play-off system and give College Football a true National Champion. This plan is an enhancement of the curret BCS system already in place. This system puts the value on the conference championship. This would also create more games of highly competitive schools earlier in the year because you can still go BCS and to the national championship by winning your conference championship after losing a game. If marketed correctly you could produce inter-conference matches of teams that may play again in the Bowl Championship Series. The first part of this plan is to create 8 Major Football Conferences. You already have the Atlantic Coast, Southeastern, Big 12, and Conference USA with 12 teams. They each already play a conference championship. Now we need to increase the teams in the Big East, Big 10, Pac 10, and create a merged conference of the WAC and Mountain West. You will take the champions from each conference to play in the current BCS system. Start in the Big East by adding Notre Dame, Georgetown, Villanova, and Navy. Change the name of the Big10 to the Big North(ern) 12 and add Northern Illinois. Yes I want to put Notre Dame in a conference, they haven’t won a bowl game since the early 90’s. Make Notre Dame earn the bowl bid by winning a conference championship first. The Big East is loaded, with Louisville, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and now Rutgers. Add Fresno State and Colorado State to the Pacific 10. Add Utah, B.Y.U. and New Mexico to the WAC. The goal is 12 teams in these 8 major conferences. These choices were made based on trying to create strong competitive conferences. Now you have 8 major conferences with 12 teams that will all play conference championship games. Setting up a fantastic Bowl Championship Series. Match up games as follows: Rose Bowl: PAC-12 vs. Big North(ern) 12–keeping the historical tie ins. Fiesta Bowl: Conference USA vs. WAC 12 Sugar Bowl: SEC vs. Big 12 Orange Bowl: ACC vs. Big East–keeping the current match up. Now use the Los Angeles Coliseum, or the Stadium that San Fran or Seattle plays in to match winners of the Rose and Fiesta Bowls, and Georgia Dome, Bank America (Charlotte, NC), Gator Bowl (Jacksonville), or Raymond James (Tampa Bay) to match the Sugar and Orange Bowl winners. These sites can be rotational, and would produce economic stimulus in these cities as the intentions of the original bowl committees to bring people to those cities. Then you can have the last remaining teams play for the National Championship. I think you can pick the location of the present 4 BCS Stadiums to rotate the True National Championship. I have heard so many people complain about the student athletes missing classes and whatever. You are in reality only effecting 4 teams because you are only extending the season for 4 teams after New Years Bowls have been played. At most universities around the country the start of the spring semester is not until the Tuesday following Martin Luther King’s birthday holiday. You can use the of MLK’s birthday holiday weekend for the semifinal games then play the real National Championship game the following weekend. This would even out the odd weekdays that the 4 BCS games are played. The student athletes from 2 teams are only missing the week at the start of the spring semester. The NCAA get 3 more football games (the semi-final match-ups and championship game), and how much estimated revenue??? This is the plan and the solution. If the conference commissioners can get this done, I will give you a solution on how to decide who the best player in college football is, because The Heisman is overrated.

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