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I don’t know how this happened but 41,000+ people have watched a clip of some of my stand up comedy from 2005. I cringed as I watched it the other day because it wasn’t my best set, but it was a great crowd and alot of fun. I am planning to get back on stage in 2008! Check it out below!

“No Regrets”

For some of the best videos created from the team at Mosaic, check out the films for Peppermint-Filled Pinatas and the videos for dances, films, and sketches.

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  • DetzelPretzel

    Hey Eric I met you very briefly at this past Catalyst Conference. I just wanted to say keep up the good work and living for that Jesus fellow.

    We’re working hard on creating a coffeehouse over here in Cincinnati. We plan to use this space as an alternate “church” venue as well as an art/music forum. It’s fun and exciting and something very different for this area.

    Be blessed brother.

  • Rindy

    That was funny!! 🙂

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