15 Favorite Posts from 2008

Based on comments, feedback, traffic, and my personal preferences, here are the favorite posts from my site in 2008:

15. Overcoming Addiction to Pornography (free message from Kim McManus)

14. Happy Thoughts
(the most hilarious safety message came from Frontier Airlines)

13. Overcoming Racism and Pastors are People Too
(Obama’s initial response to his pastor was incredibly insightful)

12. Cat Poop Coffee (yummy!)

11. People for the Ethical Treatment of People
(lessons learned at a Prop. 2 rally)

10. College Football Playoffs:  The Solution (you’re welcome!)

9. Is Islam the Enemy?

8. An Historic Campaign (McCain, Obama, and Hillary – seems like so long ago!)

7. I Love Stephen Colbert! (Have you seen his dance off against Rain?)

6. “Religion, Sex, and Politics” (free message)

5. Fast Food: A Lesson for the Church
(Did you know that Jack in the Box really says “Jack in the B-Jesus Fish”?)

4. “Loving Unlikeable People” (free message with me and Erwin McManus)

3. Why Homophobia is So Gay

2. Billy Graham, Dictators, and Jesus?
(lessons learned from a strong-willed toddler)

1. The Benefits of Following Jesus?

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