On Stage Tonight!

In preparation for a 30 minute show I have in Michigan in February, I am going up on stage tonight (Tues., 12/30) during the 9pm show at the 3 of Clubs in Hollywood (1123 Vine Street near Santa Monica).  Just to warn you, I am going with all new material, and I may be the only clean comic up there. If you are in the area, I would love to see you!

Here is some old footage:

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  • DC Curry

    Hey man! I wish I could go tonight (I’m vacationing in Westlake Village) but I’m headed to a friends basketball game at Claremont. Good luck, break a leg, or something like that.

  • Chris Harvey

    good stuff. Nice to hear clean comedy.

  • Larry Boatright

    That’s pretty dern funny!

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