Reflection: Learning from Einstein and Ellen

It is funny the way God chooses to speaks to us sometimes.  Recently, God clearly spoke to me about the need to spend more time reflecting.  The insights I discovered while working on my doctoral projects reminded me of how much I could learn if I just spent time in reflection.

In case I didn’t get it, God reminded me of this need through Einstein, Ellen, and a conversation with our Mosaic leaders.

The other night Debbie and I watched a History Channel biography of Einstein.  We were fascinated by his insights into our universe, gravity, and physics.  We were struck by his ability to spend a prolonged period of time thinking.  He solved some of the mysteries of the universe through his “thought experiments.”

After the Einstein biography, we watched an Ellen Degeneres stand up comedy special from 2005.  She began by discussing the need to write the material for the special, but she kept procrastinating.  When she sat down to write, she realized she needed to clean her desk.  She then decided to put on some music so she organized her cds (Bread was next to Meatloaf and Nine Inch Nails was next to The Doors).  She went onto complain about how technology has made us busier rather than helping us simplify our lives.  At the very end of her show, she mentioned that procratinating is a good thing since it gives us the space we need to reflect.  Her last line was something like: “Procrastinate now.  Don’t wait.”  It was very funny and timely.

As we have been in the midst of planning our next series at Mosaic which will be based on the Psalms, we are debating whether to call it “Pause” or “Selah.”  The emphasis is on the verse which says: “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

Now if only I could spend less time watching biographies, stand up comedy, and blogging about it then I would have the time to actually start reflecting in the new year!  🙂

  • Danny Lucas

    If you are in the mood to think and contemplate and learn, then Psalm 46:10 is a wonderful beginning point.

    There are 8 simple words to master.
    They tell 8 different stories to you as well.
    Listen, as you ponder the emphasis on each word, and how the sentence changes as you change emphasis.
    Say it out loud so that the emphasis is most clear.
    Pause a moment (selah) after the emphasized word.
    Then listen after you are done with all eight.

    BE still and know that i am god.
    be STILL and know that i am god.
    be still AND know that i am god.
    be still and KNOW that i am god.
    be still and know THAT i am god.
    be still and know that I am god.
    be still and know that i AM god.
    be still and know that i am GOD.

    Our God has many facets, and sparkles in each.
    In 8 small words, with emphasis changing upon the words, one at a time, MORE than 8 facets of God are revealed.

    The Psalms are rich with other phrases to do this.

    Oh, and go with Selah.
    The Holy Spirit will take it from there.

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