Best Restaurant in Town & Christians Against Poverty

Having a great time seeing friends from Europe while at the Origins event in Germany! Learning some great things from the leaders here!

First, the church in Eimelgingen which is hosting the event is remarkable! I am currently sitting in a packed restaurant next to a cafe and a foyer where they have concerts.  Most of the people who come to this restaurant are not connected to the church, but they come because it is one of the best restaurants in town!  Beyond the foyer is a theater where they have church services and host football matches (4,000 people came to watch Germany during the 2006 World Cup).  In reality, this campus is more of a marketplace/community center than a church.

Take a look at the facilities here.

Second, Des from England told us over dinner about a fantastic organization which has brought tremendous help to people struggling with debt. Christians Against Poverty offers free counseling to anyone needing help. Those receiving help get out of debt and end up connecting to the churches who were willing to serve them in their time of need.

More great ideas from across this side of the pond coming soon…

  • Birgit

    Hi Eric, I am glad your having such a great time at G5! Glad you are here and looking forward to your conversation! Cheers, Bridget – the photog

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