Traditional vs. Missional?

Rick Yamamoto, an elder at Mosaic and strategist with the Mosaic Alliance, put together a chart comparing traditional churches and more missional churches. I found it interesting and insightful. What do you think?

Traditional Churches (Believing comes before Belonging)

1. Mission is flexible. Mission is ONE of the reasons the church exists.
2. Boundaries are fixed. Clear line between insiders and outsiders.
3. Love becomes exclusive. Love is the context for SOME mission.

Missional Churches (Belonging comes before Believing)

1. Mission is fixed. Mission is why the church exists.
2. Boundaries are flexible. Line between insiders and outsiders is blurred.
3. Love becomes inclusive. Love is the context for ALL mission.

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  • Bill Cummings

    I love this. Thanks to Rick for putting this together and to you for putting it out there. The phrase in parenthesis next to “Missional Churches” could also say “Believing comes through Belonging”. Just a thought…

  • Jonathan Brink

    As much as I would like to say, “Absolutely,” I know that traditional does not fall into such defined, exclusionary references.

    I think that is what so many people are wrestling with. How do we restore the traditional without demonizing what people once held dear.

  • Tyler

    Love this. Fair for both sides and well put.

  • Brett Marko

    I have to agree with Jonathan Brink on this one. I have a bit of a problem with this though I understand the premise. I have seen many churches that are traditional that are very inclusive in their love.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the boundaries aspect.

    Where I would say on the first one, is that traditional churches define themselve based upon how they do things (their traditions). This as a whole is not a bad thing as long as the motive is right. Whenever the tradition becomes more important than the relationship or (belonging) then these churches go afoul quickly.

    Missional churches are more about why they do things (the relationship), yet missional churches have their own traditions too and are not without traditions. They can fall into the same trap as the older more established churches.

    Just my two cents.


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