Invisible Influence: Organized for Innovation

Imagine a community where people are serving in their area of passion and gifting.

Imagine a place where the people are organized for innovation, structured for experimentation, and where people are growing in their faith while seeing others getting connected for the first time.

The Scriptures (Romans 12 and I Corinthians 12) refers to the Church as the Body of Christ.  The structure is on the inside, invisible yet strong.  On the outside, we are to be warm, soft, and human.

We aren’t the Skeleton of Christ, a community where the structure is on the outside.  Too often rules, doctrines, policies, buildings, and ministries come before people.  This should not be!  Too many of our churches are organized to death.

We aren’t the Federal Republic of Jesus, a governmental entity where people vote on everything but care for very little.

We aren’t the Institution of Christ, a company where the only people who get anything done are those who are paid (and even they spend too much time on the Internet).

To become the Body of Christ and organized for innovation, we need to take the following steps:

1.  Trust God.

We have everyone we need to accomplish what God is calling us to do right now.

2.  Trust our people.

Some of the best leaders of our future are not currently involved.  We need to recruit knowing that people need to serve more than we need their help.  When we do everything, we rob others of the opportunity to discover their lives by losing their lives while serving others.

3.  Trust ourselves.

We are more capable than we realize as leaders – more resilient, more prepared, and more powerful than we realize.  We need to lead with grace and truth, calling people to a high standard and helping them get there.

For more on organizing for activism listen to Raising Up Leaders (and Avoiding Burnout).

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