37 Years…

Now that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is a national holiday, my birthday combines two of my favorite things: a national day of service and a 3 day weekend.

Special thanks to my Mom and Dad for creating me 37 years and 40 weeks ago on this day.

Special thanks to my Mom for giving birth to me on this day 37 years ago, the same day that the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI.  I think I was born during halftime.

Special thanks to my family and friends for all of the birthday gifts over the years, especially the birthday cards with checks or gift cards.

Special thanks to my friends in Los Angeles and across the world for their birthday wishes,

Special thanks to my wife and kids for letting me sleep in today.

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  • Travis

    Happy birthday!

  • Greg Atkinson

    Happy Birthday, dude! I truly hope you have a wonderful day. It is a VERY special thing to be born during a Cowboys Super Bowl will. God was smiling upon you.

  • Eric Bryant

    In talking with my parents this morning, I discovered I was actually born in time to watch the game on television since we were in Sacramento, CA! 🙂

  • CookMal

    Happy Birthday!

  • paul earle

    happy birthday eric!

    my name is paul earle and im a pastor at new life family church in gilbert, az.

    i just wanted to let you know what an impact your book has had on me and my ministry. i am currently teaching a class on sunday mornings at our church titled “real-world evangelism”. i have referred to your teachings in “peppermint filled pinatas” multiple times in the first couple of weeks. now i just finished listening to “curry favor” on the mosaic podcast.

    your encouragement to all followers of Christ to love first and live selflessly those around us, believers and unbelievers is inspiring. it’s encouraged me to continue to preach the Gospel relationally, in real-life situations and circumstances. love truly wins and is what glorifies Christ most accurately in our lives.

    hey my birthday is tomorrow. i thought this was a little ironic. im turning the big 32.

    God’s blessings on your ministry and on the Bryant family.

    ps- ive encouraged all in our class so far to read “peppermint filled pinatas”.

    much love bro.

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