Hope and Beauty in Diversity

I love this picture of our kids.  They both received these shirts from people we love – people who do not agree with each other. 

We have friends and family who voted for our new President, Barack Obama.  We have friends and family that cheer for the Dallas Cowboys. Not many Cowboys fans would vote for Obama (a broad generalization), and not many Obama supporters would cheer for the Cowboys – our friend who gave Trevi this shirt may not even know who the Cowboys are. 🙂

We live in such a great country where people with differing opinions, beliefs, and backgrounds can live together in harmony. We have accomplished great things as a direct result of our beautiful diversity.

Today was a historic and beautiful day. We have a powerful tendency towards optimism that allows us to transfer power peacably. Even though our President’s barely receive 50% of the popular vote on election day, “between 64 and 70 percent of Americans said they were optimistic before the presidencies of Mr. Obama’s five predecessors.” Even in the midst of 2 wars and a dramatic economic downturn, this year almost 80% of Americans are optimistic about the next four years under Obama’s leadership. What a fantastic response: hope in the future!


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