“Stop Learning” by Jason Jaggard

One of our leaders at Mosaic and a good friend of mine, Jason Jaggard has been writing for Neue Ministry. Here is a snippet:

“I recently got an email from a friend I met a little while back. He asked me a question that I get asked a lot and that I hear others ask a lot and that I’m tempted to ask a lot.

‘What books could I read to learn more about…’

Usually after the dot dot dot comes something along the lines of ‘following Jesus better, growing in my faith, etc.’

So after I plugged my friends’ books [Erwin, Eric, Steve, Nancy and anyone else who has the courage to put their thoughts into concrete] I said to my friend something like this:

‘I don’t know about books you should be reading, only risks you could be taking.’

Most people I know don’t need to read more books [including myself]. We need to change our lives.

Sometimes we need to stop learning and start risking.”

For the entire article, go here.

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