Leadership Advance (Jan. 2009)

Leaders don’t retreat, we advance! Twice a year we have a “Leadership Advance” for our leaders at Mosaic as well as level 2 and level 3 from the Mosaic Alliance. Every time, we leave inspired, equipped, and excited for all that God is doing in our community and desires to do in our city.  Some of the highlights from this year’s version included:

500+ leaders from our volunteer staff along with some going through the volunteer staff process (for the full process go to http://www.mosaic.org/faq).

Extended time of singing and celebrating the Lord’s Supper with breads from different countries reminding us of God’s love for the nations.

Erwin sharing about the importance of “breathing in” and “breathing out”  – the need to connect deeply with God personally and others interpersonally.  He also talked about becoming a premier mentoring community.

“Name that Aroma” game where we guessed the 5 aromas and connected them to each of the five core values.

Campus meetings with the co-pastors (campus catalysts) with a chance to “breathe in.”

Ministry team meetings discussion focused on strategies for 2009 (“breathe out”).

Our awards ceremony included seeing those who serve so faithfully acknowledged for their efforts.  The Hettingers were given the “Breakthrough Award” for catalyzing the new South Bay gathering which took them 8 years of leading and multiplying their small groups.

During the “Faithfulness Awards,” an award given to those serving behind the scenes, one of the recipients wasn’t there.  We discovered she was helping watch the kids, so we got her onstage later.  Erwin said to the crowd: “Don’t worry your kids haven’t had someone watching them for only a few minutes.”  🙂

The opportunity to see people from different campuses, remarkable leaders from Inland, Pasadena, Downtown, South Bay, and West L.A..

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