Super Bowl Trivia (Impress Your Friends)

Here are three little known facts about the upcoming Super Bowl teams you can use to impress your friends next week during your Super Bowl Party:

1. During World War II, the Cardinals and Steelers combined to form one team called the Card-Pitts.

2. It has been well publicized that the Cardinals have the longest streak without a title in all 4 major sports at 61 years – 2nd only to the 101 years for the Chicago Cubs. According to the owner of the Cardinals, the reason for the recent success is the move into the new stadium in 2006. For the first time in their 111 history, the Cardinals aren’t using some other team’s stadium (Chicago’s Comiskey Park, St. Louis’ Busch Stadium, and Arizona State’s Sun Devil Stadium) . They finally have their own home (and the revenue streams to become more competitive).

3. If the Steelers win, it will be their 6th Super Bowl victory – the most by any NFL franchise. If the Cardinals win, it will be their 6th playoff win.

Listen to the absolute best rock song written by a Steeler fan for other Steeler fans: Steelers Rise by Joby Harris

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