Insights and Embarrassing Moments with Famous People: Kay Arthur

I am in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada for BreakForth.  I will be helping Erwin with a breakout tomorrow on Wide Awake, and on Saturday I will be leading a workshop based on PFP.  Tomorrow night Erwin is the main speaker for the sold out crowd of about 8,000 people.  I am amazed so many people travel here in the dead of winter!  It was a great experience last year, so I am looking forward to the time here this weekend.

Last year at BreakForth, Erwin pointed out Kay Arthur, a prolific writer, speaker, and founder of Precepts Ministries International. I considered approaching her to thank her for all of her efforts in helping people learn to study the Bible, but I didn’t want to interrupt her lunch.

As I was describing to Erwin how I had started reading some of Kay Arthur’s writing when I was in college, Kay Arthur walked over to introduce herself to us. She was incredibly warm, kind, and engaging.

For some reason, I have this odd habit of joking with complete strangers. It is unfortunate because it seems most people don’t get my jokes! Before thinking through what I was doing, I joked with Kay, “I know several people who love your books. In fact, they read your books more than the Bible!”

Immediately, Kay’s jovial mood shifted to a much more serious one as she warned me: “Oh goodness! That’s not good at all.”

In spite of my joke not landing quite so well (as usual), we had a really great conversation!

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