Intercultural Communication Class

I had a great time with a diverse group of students from Korea, Canada, Mosaic, Saddleback, Arizona, and the Northwest in a “Intercultural Communication” course with Golden Gate Seminary. Here is a sampling from the Final Exam Review:

How do you Catalyze Community?

Principle #1: Cause creates community.

Principle #2: Meet the needs of those around us.

Principle #3: Reach out to Xenos.

Principle #4: Develop authentic friendships with your Oikos.

Principle #5: Allow people to belong before they believe.

Principle #6: Become a peacemaker.

Principle #7: Start Over.

If you would like some of the notes from the course or even the final exam review, send an email to me at with “Intercultural Notes” as the subject.

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