Tribes by Seth Godin

Here are some insights from the small but powerful book by Seth Godin:

“A movement is thrilling. It’s the work of many people, all connected, all seeking something better. The new highly leveraged tools of the Net make it easier than ever to create a movement, to make things happen, to get things done. All that’s missing is leadership.”

“Leaders who set out to give are more productive than leaders who seek to get.”

“The organizations of the future are filled with smart, fast, flexible people on a mission. The thing is, that requires leadership.”

“The organizations that need innovation the most are the ones that do the most to stop it from happening…. Responsible stewardship requires that you find and empower the heretics and give them the flexibility to build something new.”

“There are tribes out there, just waiting to be coalesced and led. All they need is a dedicated leader eager to do the right thing.”

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  • jWinters

    I thought the book was amazing – almost, dare I say, “poetic” in how concise it was.

    in Christ,

  • Charles Lee

    Loved the book…good read…I can see your tribe arising 🙂

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