Q&A with Erwin at Idea Camp

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  • Nathan Edwards

    What Erwin says about the Leadership problem is true, but it surprises me. I sometime find that there are more leaders around than people willing to follow.

  • david

    Great video, authentic and challenging.

  • Enrique

    The last 10 minutes of that was intense. Thanks for posting that.

  • Tobias

    Hi Eric, thanks for sharing that! Btw did you ever get the pics I sent you from Origins Germany?

    Greets Tobias

  • Nick Charalambous

    His analysis of the human malady behind the megachurch is epic. Love his thoughts on the small churches and the fact that they don’t really have as much fellowship as they think they have. He is so right when he says, instead of criticizing the megachurch: “Create something more beautiful, more authentic, more compelling. We lack the courage to make the new.”

    Nick Charalambous’s last blog post..Video of Unleash soapbox on “How to Build Community.”

  • Eric

    Hey Eric, great conversation, thanks for posting for your NorCal brothas! Great thought about meeting/befriending those who are talented or creative and introducing them to Jesus…its a LOT of work, not as easy as “doing” church, but I know for us, its worth it!

  • Eric

    So, I’m obviously watching this right now…but I had a church leader ask me (one who knew me for years)…”Do you believe in conversion?” What do you say to that?

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