Friends from Mosaic on Gossip Girl?

Received this email from Matt, one of the music catalysts at Mosaic:

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that a couple bands from Mosaic have their music featured on the show Gossip Girl tonight!! If you are around or have TiVo you can check it out at 8pm on theCW channel.

NOTE: I’m not responsible for any questionable content on the show. =)

The two songs are:

“Be Alright” by Vienne (
This is a song that I helped produce with Jonathan Korszyk, Mark Noguchi, and Chris Franz awhile back at the Awaken Studio. The song is played during a fight between Lily and Rufus (the parents).

“Band Aid For A Fracture” by One Silver Astronaut (
Shane Mills’ band that features Wyatt Sum, Paula Pradit, Patrick Jones, CJ Martin who are all part of our community (Pasadena, Inland, Whittier, and Mayan). The song plays during a romantic dinner between Nate and Vanessa.

Music placements like this are super hard to come by, so the fact that we have two of our artists in the same episode is an amazing feat!

Enjoy the show!!”

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