Origins Event April 22nd!

Join us for a convergence of leaders from around the world to interact about breaking trends, creative thinking, and progressive ideas.

Speakers include: Erwin McManus, Dan Kimball, Margaret Feinberg, Mark Batterson, Dave Gibbons, Alan & Debra Hirsch, leaders from Mosaic, as well as several other entrepreneurs, pioneers, activists, and innovators. For more details go here.

Special events before or after include:

Mosaic Immersion for Mosaic Alliance Level 2 & 3 – Talent Spelunking, The 10 traits of a Missional Community, etc.. For more details email

Catalyst West Coast with Erwin, Hillsong United, Andy Stanley and more on April 23-24

Connect to a new network rooted in the Scriptures who have a high level of urgency for innovative evangelism at

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