Baylor Basketball Dominance

I cannot believe it! The Baylor Men’s Basketball team made the NIT final four at Madison Square Garden, and the Baylor Women’s team is in the NCAA Sweet 16!

In the first 101 year history of Baylor basketball, we had three 20 win seasons.  Now, we have had two 20 win seasons now back-to-back!

The Baylor men lost in the Big XII championship game, and the Baylor women won their Big XII championship game.  It was the first time that both teams had ever made it that far in the same season.

What makes all of this more amazing is the fact that the Baylor men’s basketball team went through one of the most horrific tragedies ever faced by a sports team of any kind: one player killed another in June 2003.  (To read about the miraculous rebuilding efforts, check out Baylor Bubble Breakers).

The women play on Saturday on ESPN, and the men play on Tuesday night on ESPN2.  I never get to see any Baylor sports action on television, and now I get to watch two of our teams!

Will the men win the NIT?  (Honestly, I would rather win the NIT than lose in the first or second round of the NCAA tourney).  Will the women win the NCAA championship like they did in 2005?  Can’t wait to watch!

  • Dave ©

    Eric, did you go to Baylor??? I was there from 1997 to 1999.

    Not sure the men put their best feet forward last night. But I agree with you; Drew has done an amazing job rebuilding this program and the women have been decent for awhile.

    Sic ’em Bears!!!

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