Chris Duran’s “Life Could Be Beautiful”

I am excited for my friend Chris Duran. I have seen him creating music since he was 15 years old with Cynthia Vasquez as part of The Eclectics. Then he toured with Pax 217 as one of their percussionists (Big brother Bobby was their DJ). Now he serves our musicians at Mosaic Pasadena.   (Every once in a while, the band at Mosaic Pasadena includes Chris on guitar, his wife Alisah on lead vocals, and his dad on percussion, so we get to have Duran Duran Duran in our gatherings!)

Now, you can get Chris Duran’s songs on your iPod through iTunes!

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  • Dave ©

    In January, I had the opportunity to sing with Chris at the Mayan. I say, “opportunity”, because I kept finding myself just listening to him and the band and not singing along at all (from the audience, of course. You didn’t think I meant on stage, did you???!!). Brilliant and worshipful! Amazing vocals.

    Great CD but Chris is even better live!

  • Rebekah

    I remember years ago meeting Chris–I can’t remember if Pax 217 was still a band back then or not. I still have the picture with him–very nice guy! 🙂

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