BlogTalk Radio with Alex McManus

Join us live on Friday, April 17th at 11am (EST) on Alex McManus’ BlogTalk Radio Show.  The interview includes Q&A, so I would enjoy having you join us!

Also, for some fascinating discussions on Gallup’s Strengths Finder, listen in on some of Alex’s interviews at “Super Powers Central.” So far the strengths covered have included Arranger, Belief, Analytical, Adaptibility, and Activator.

You can also listen to the previous interview with Gerardo Marti, author of Mosaic of Believers and Hollywood Faith.

Full disclosure:  Alex and Gerardo are wonderful friends of mine and former superheroes at Mosaic who helped us and continue to inspire us tremendously.  I know you will be just as encouraged and challenged as I have been by them as you get to know them through these interviews and their books.  🙂

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