Origins Insights

Origins was a great event! Below are some helpful thoughts from the day:

“Beauty is rarely more pure as when it passes from one culture to another.” – Alex McManus

“Do you want to BE important or DO something important?” Mark Batterson

“Who we are in crisis is who we really are” – David Arcos on chaotic leadership

“People are not looking for information. They are looking for presence and you can’t fake that.” Erwin McManus

Erwin is often asked, “How do engage the world?” The better question: “What have you done to disengage the world?”

“Church world = 1st space. Marketplace = 2nd space. We can only enter the 3rd space by invitation because of quality of your work.” – Erwin

“At Mosaic, we like people that don’t look like us.” – Erwin

“The best way to keep money from being an idol in our lives is to give much of it away, often” – Deb Hirsch

I shared in a breakout about allowing people to belong before they believe.

Some thoughts:

Cause creates community. Jesus invited us to follow Him for what we can give not what we can get (Mt. 4:19).

The early church “praised God AND enjoyed the favor of all the people” because they were know as people who met the needs of others (Acts 2:47).

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  • Billy Gager

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your break-out talk at Origins. I’m praying for God to make me and my church like peaches and not coconuts!

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