Andy Stanley @ Catalyst: “Uncertainty Is Why We Need Leaders”

Several speakers, musicians, Andy Stanley, Brad Lomenick, Ben Arment, and the Catalyst team created an experience to help leaders become more effective in creating a better future.

Thoughts from Andy Stanley:

“Uncertainty is why we need leaders.”

“I will always be uncertain. I am certain of it.”

“Because of uncertainty, we need clarity and adaptibility.”

“Leaders can be uncertain but never unclear. Plans change but vision remains the same.”

“Sacrifice the plans for the vision.”

“Clarity will give you the energy and momentum to get through uncertainty.”

“Uncertainty is a great time to change bad plans. Blame everything on the economy and make changes!”

“Be honest with your leaders and followers. Confidently express your uncertainty. “I don’t know right now, but we’re going to figure it out.”

“Seek counsel. Leadership isn’t about making decisions on your own, but owning decisions once they are made.”

More Insights on Uncertainty from Andy Stanley from “Out of Ur.”

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  • Sam.

    Some good thoughts. Not sure about leaders always needing to have clarity. Would Jesus’ followers have said that found everything he said totally clear?

    Sam.’s last blog post..The genius of a composer is found in the notes of his music; but analysing the notes will not reveal his genius

  • Eric Bryant

    I may not have done Andy Stanley justice in my note-taking efforts, but I appreciated his willingness to tackle this “elephant in the room.” Too many leaders say they have the answer to this or that situation when really the mystery of life continues to lead us back to Jesus for guidance. I agree with you, Sam. Jesus’ followers in the Scriptures may have been walking with Him in person, but even their journey was filled with unanswered questions which required faith.

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