Erwin @ Catalyst: “Become the Hero God Created You to Be”

Erwin’s talk at Catalyst West Coast continues to resonate.

Here were some of the insights:

“Dream = imagine a future worth pursuing, discover a dream that would make the world a better place”

“Wake up! Stop just doing the same things you have always done and change how you think and how you live!”

“When faced with a challenge, we can either adopt (quit), abdicate (become bitter), or adapt (overcome).”

“We cannot choose the context of our lives, but we can choose the content.”

“Adapting requires taking personal responsibility and having the humility to ask for help.”

“To change the current trajectory of our lives, we need to be be willing to do things we had previously seen as beneath us or beyond us.”

“What if we started a movement where everyone lived a heroic life?”

Carlos Awakens the Hero From Within (from the Mosaic Film Team)

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  • bobby

    Is there anywhere or way to get my hands on that video for use at our church? Fits perfect for the series we’re in right now. Thanks.

  • Eric Bryant

    Hey Bobby!

    We have lots of great short films (including the one about Carlos) up for free at youtube under MosaicLA that you are more than welcome to show.

    We also have some really powerful films in the “Crave” and “Wide Awake” dvd sets which are available at Best Buy, WalMart, and online at those stores as well. Hope that helps!


  • bobby

    Thanks Eric!

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