“Broken Finances” at Mosaic

This past weekend, we discussed “Broken Finances” at Mosaic during our “Broke: When You Have Nothing Left to Lose” series.

Here were some of the insights shared via video or in person:

Erwin McManus: “In the midst of a struggling economy, we should still dream, serve, and create…. Look to create great memories that don’t require a lot of money.”

Rick Yamamoto: “Being ‘broke’ is a state of mind (and) we are implying that something needs to be fixed… Sometimes being ‘broke’ means that there are things in our past decision-making that were flawed —the sum of our past decisions brought us to this point. We can look at what we have done and fix those decisions – otherwise the future will be exactly what our present is now.” – Rick Yamamoto

Gary & Andi Natisch: After losing his business and then losing his job, Gary and Andi kept tithing even though people encouraged them not to do so. After downsizing twice, Gary finally got a job better than the one that let him go.

Rich Halvorson: Rather than pursuing a job in Wall Street after Harvard, Rich started Global Fast in order to seek to end global poverty by asking people to give up one meal per week and donating those proceeds to build clean wells. (Contact Rich if you would like to create a page on his site where funds can be given to your humanitarian projects).

Greg SooHoo: “We are like the majority (in Mk.12:41-44) – our tendency is to give to God out of our abundance and surplus when times are plentiful…. Whatever financial brokenness we might find ourselves in, here is the opportunity to re-assess our character, faith and trust in God and allow Him to refine us.”

I shared about a time in our lives when I was unemployed (and depressed) for 6 weeks when we first moved to Los Angeles. In the midst of that, I realized I could still trust God even in the midst of tough times. Even though our currency says “In God We Trust,” the way I worried said my trust was in the currency. Gratitude was my path out of worry and anxiety. Filing spiritual bankruptcy allowed me to reorganize, reprioritize, have my debts forgiven, and start over. (See Matthew 6:19-34)

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