Mr. T’s “Treat Your Mother Right”

We have been showing this video at Mosaic on and off for Mother’s Day at the nightclub (still not sure exactly why). Today, we showed it in the morning gatherings. Enjoy this classic:

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  • brian miller

    lol. love this video. did we really dress anything like that at some point?

  • Peter

    Mr. T is the man. I got my Mother Mr. T as a GPS voice. I have always emailed her this video and sent flowers, but this year i went to a site called Navtones and got her the real Mr. T on her GPS.

    She is going to love it. Check it out. I think its Navtones or Nav-tones.

  • Matt Dabbs

    I showed that video to kick off our Sunday morning class for young adults and only a couple of people laughed. I couldn’t believe it! That is classic.

    Matt Dabbs’s last blog post..A Pew With a View

  • Dave ©

    It (the song) was hilarious 20 years ago and it’s just as funny today!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane and the reminder that “M is for the moan and the miserable groan from the pain that she felt when I was bown…”

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