Future Me (Thoughts from Jason Jaggard)

One of the guys I follow in the virtual and real worlds is Jason Jaggard, a fantastic friend and catalytic leader at Mosaic. Today he wrote an intriguing post called “Serving the Future You” where he shares some great insights with a friend going through a tough time. He tells his friend:

“You are destined to lead… So although it seems your life is small right now, your influence is going to get bigger. Probably a lot bigger. Which means the mistakes you make are going to get bigger, too. Which is why we’re having this conversation now….

These issues in your life, it’s time to start working through them. The You 20 years from now needs you to. You don’t want to be 40-years-old with these choices to wrestle with. The 40-year-old You will have way bigger problems, way greater challenges to deal with. He’ll have a wife and kids. He’ll have responsibilities that would scare the hell out of you now if you knew it, and he won’t be ready unless you start serving him now….

For the sake of the Future You, and the thousands of people you will be leading, fight this. I believe in you. I know you can do it. I know you want to do it. So do it, and know that you’ve got a friend for the journey.”

Such great advice for all of us!

For a fun follow up, have you heard of www.futureme.org? Go there and send yourself an email which will arrive at the date you choose in the future. I’ve done it, and it is fun getting email from yourself (and a bit creepy). 🙂

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  • Kevin

    Thanks for this. It’s a great reminder that all of us have room to grow and that growth can happe now. I’ll be checking out Jason’s blog more often.

    Kevin’s last blog post..Top Growing Blog

  • Dave ©

    I saw Erwin speak in Philly awhile back. Several things he said struck me but one thing that stood out was when he said something to the effect of, “I don’t do anything different today than I did 25 years ago.” While he didn’t say this, he could have just as easily said, “I am where I am today because I made some critical decisions 25 years ago and stuck with them all these years.”

    Preparing the Future You. Love it! That Jaggard guy’s got some wisdom!

  • brian miller

    great post man! great stuff from Jason, will check his blog out now.

    brian miller’s last blog post..Spiders

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