“Servolution” by Dino Rizzo

I recently interacted with Dino Rizzo, author of Servolution:  Starting a Church Revolution by Serving as part of a blog tour.  Here was my question and his response:

How have you been able to fight against the tendency Christians have to look for churches to serve them rather than as the church willing to serve the world?

“Eric, thanks for being a part of the Servolution Blog Tour.  And what a great question!  Servolution is largely based on the principles Jesus demonstrated and taught in John 13.  He and the disciples were in a borrowed room for a meal, which meant that one of them would need to take the towel and basin and wash the others’ feet – the role of the lowest-ranked servant.  Each of them passed up the opportunity – until Jesus, their leader, took on himself the towel and began washing their feet.  Jesus didn’t sit back and wait to be served.  He served others willingly – and this is the example he set for us that we have tried to unpack in the book.  Servolution isn’t just doing some cool outreaches.  It is a culture to be developed in you, your staff and leaders.  And when you serve others, it is amazing the life that will begin to well up inside you.

Since that’s true, I guess we don’t exactly fight against the tendency we all have to just be served.  We just serve and when people begin to see the joy and excitement and life that there is in serving, it usually is enough to make them want to be a part.”

So simple.  So powerful.

  • brian miller

    gold…”when you serve others, it is amazing the life that will begin to well up inside you.”

    i agree it is a culture that has to be created. much like a plant it akes time and patience before others start to get it. if we remain dilligent though, we begin to see some pretty amazing things.

    our church has always done really well in the global aspects, but has struggled locally…any thoughts or suggestions on things you have done to create that culture?

    brian miller’s last blog post..Can’t Touch This

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