Leadership Lessons from Star Trek

A couple of fun articles have been written drawing leadership lessons from the new Star Trek film (that even my wife enjoyed).

Insights from my friend Tony Kim from Newsong include:

“Original thinking comes at a high cost and can be a very lonely road.”

“When everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking at all.”

Tony’s entire article can be found here.

Fast Company shares 12 leadership lessons which they drew from all the series and movies.  Some of their insights include:

Be a leader.

Taunt your rival.  🙂

Allow subordinates to speak freely.

The rest of the article can be found here.

  • brian miller

    great thoughts. chomping at the bit to see the new one. Tony’s thoughts are very apropo. thanks for sharing.

    brian miller’s last blog post..WWJ(immy)B(uffett)D?

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