Buy a Book One Word at a Time

Jeff Strickler wrote the following for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis:

“Bob Fisher, the ‘crazy shoe repairman’ from Wayzata who has raised $10 million for the homeless by sleeping outdoors in winter, has a new fundraising scheme.

Fisher is working on an inspirational book (with Terry Esau) about how one person can make a difference. The book, titled ‘Shoe Bob,’ won’t be released until at least November. But it’s for sale now — one word at a time.

You can buy a word for $1, a sentence for $10, a paragraph for $50, a page for $250 or, for those who really see themselves as the next Simon and/or Schuster, a chapter for $2,500.

Donations will go toward getting the book published and after that ‘to the cause,’ Fisher said.”

For the rest of the article, go here.

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