Trevi’s 7th Birthday!


trevis-funny-face-dodgersI cannot believe my little Trevi turned 7 years old yesterday!

I remember when she used to look exactly like Spongebob Squarepants (blue eyes, big smile, with a gap between the teeth).

I love the way she is so dramatic!  After almost every present she would declare: “That’s the prettiest headband I’ve ever seen” or “That’s the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten (about a wallet).”

She is still a passionate little girl, but now, more and more, she has been using her powers for good.  She made a meal for me and Debbie the other day at “The Trevi Cafe” which included apple sauce, granola bar, and a cup of water.

We are so grateful to have this little girl in our lives!

“Trevi’s 6th Birthday” post

An article inspired by Trevi called “Billy Graham, Dictators, and Jesus?”

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  • Michael Cordich

    Hey Eric,

    Little girls are wonderful. Ours just turned four on Tuesday.


  • brian miller

    Happy Birthday! They grow up so fast don’t they? My oldest will be 7 in October. They teach us so much, cherish the moments.

    Thanks for stopping by today…maybe I’ll have to start eating more like my boys…fish sticks and ketchup? I’ll check out that book. sounds interesting.

    brian miller’s last blog post..Theme Thursday: Swing

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