Wake Surfing in Michigan

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at Orchard Grove‘s youth camp outside of Detroit, Michigan. I had a great time with the leaders, the teenagers, and the camp staff. Besides the gatherings each night and the time hanging out during meals or free time, a couple of the highlights included paintball and wake surfing.

With an all junior high girl team (none of whom had ever played paintball), my team defeated an all junior high guy team which included one adult (sorry about shooting your bad finger, Vince) and one high school guy (hope the bruise on your elbow is better, Jesse). How did we defeat them two times? The girls let the boys run around shooting all their paintballs while they patiently waited behind trees and logs. It was only then that they took their shots! It was fun!

The lead pastor, Chris Cramer, taught me how to wake surf. Have you seen this?! Chris started by standing on his board on the boat’s platform and then slid out into the water, surfed (without the rope and just a couple of feet behind the back of the boat), and then slid back onto the platform after about 10 minutes. He never even got wet above the waist! When I grow I up, I want to wake surf like him! The water was frigid! Just two months ago this same lake was still covered with ice!

We have no footage of our exploits, but take a look at some random guy I found on youtube:

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