How much is a life worth?

Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris at the Memorial for her Dad

I haven’t had a chance to watch the Michael Jackson memorial, and I am sure I will see much of the event on the news tonight. Lots of people in L.A. have been saddened by his death. Lots of people worried about the affect on today’s traffic. Some seem frustrated by the cost to the city. Many felt a mixture of all three.

When you break it all down, no matter what you think of Michael Jackson, any loss of life should make us pause. Every life should be worth this much attention.

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  • Bing

    Very well said. But someone who has contributed so much in the music industry not just to America but to the whole world really deserved a memorial just like that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photo. Great post. I found this Michael Jackson comeback book that will surely become a valued collector’s item.

  • evan blackerby

    Yes! exactly.

    evan blackerby’s last blog post..If you were the sole survivor…

  • Anthony Prince

    my heart aches for another set of fatherless kids in the world.

    thanks for the post, Eric.

    Anthony Prince’s last blog post..Pictures from Crocodile Dock: Day 1

  • david

    well said Eric

    david’s last blog transitions

  • Grady Bauer

    Well said. I’ve been disappointed by all of the negative junk coming of of Christian blogs about MJ….regardless of what he did…he’s a human, made in the image of God.

    Grady Bauer’s last blog post..What if we lived like Michael Jackson?

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